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    Encoder for STÖGRA stepper motors
        Stepping motor with integrated encoder E50
      The encoder series E50 monitors the motion of the motor. Together with a STÖGRA-drive series
SE... E50 or SERS .. E50 the load angle of the stepping motor can be controlled.
When exceeding the max. load angle allowed (e.g. in case of the motor running is interrupted
because of a mechanical overload) the drive will create an error signal.
      special characteristics:
    simple and robust low cost version

no changes of the motor dimensions in comparison to the standard version
with cast connection box (except SM 56)

the encoder is integrated in the motor housing. There is no additional measure
necessary for protection – available until IP68

all requirements for mechanical and climatical ambient condtions (vibration-,
shock resistence, temperature and humidity) are fullfilled.

evaluation of the encoder signals and realisation of a step angle control
with generating an error signal can be done by using STÖGRA controls with option E50.
electrical specifications:
      •  voltage supply: 5 to 24VDC
•  current consumption: typ. approx 35mA (no load at outputs)
  max. load at outputs 100mA / output
•  operating temperature: -40°C to 125°C
      •  2 x 50 pulses per revolution, signals A and B with rectangular shape
  and inverted signals /A and /B
•  duty cycle 1:1 ± max. 20% error
•  RS422 output, bipolar switching to VCC and GND
•  short circuit protected signals against GND
•  pulse frequency >20kHz
signal outputs:
      connection via screw terminals for nominal cross section max. 1mm2 (26 – 16AWG)
optionally available with connector
dimensions as standard motor types! (except series SM56)
        encoder types E50, H200 and H500 – data sheet (57 KByte)
        stepper motors catalogue 2016 – Catalogue (850 KByte)
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