Stepper Motors
Standard versions

Gear box, encoder and brake
for Stögra stepper motors
Connections via connectors
Stepper motors – special versions

Motors for extended
operating temperature range
Vacuum hard motors
Protection class IP68
Special coating against corrosion
Keyway / Woodruff
Second shaft end
Shaft modification
Shaft flat
Additional options

Hollowshaft motors
series SMH 88 and SMH 107
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    STÖGRA stepper motors – special versions
      STÖGRA stepper motors with keyway / woodruff
      Series SM 107 and SM 168 are delivered in standard version with keyway (but not on double ended shaft).
For series SM 87 the keyway is an option, which needs to be indicated at the ordering key.
For series SM 56 woodruff or keyway are options, which also need to be indicated at the ordering key.
Keyway DIN 6885 T1   Woodruff DIN 6888
      • Ordering examples:
   SM 56.2.18J3F (with woodruff),
   SM 87.2.18M6N (with keyway at front shaft)
   SM 87.2.18M6WN (with keyway only at double ended shaft)
   SM 87.2.18M6NWN (with keyway at front and double ended shaft)
        keyway and woodruff – data sheet (34 KByte)
        stepper motors catalogue 2016 – Catalogue (850 KByte)
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