Position Controls
New functions
Special features
with Profibus-DP interface
with PROFIdrive interface
with CANopen interface
with encoder
with Closed Loop control

Eurocard format
for 19 inch mountage

Panel mount / 19 inch rack system
with integrated power supply

WSERS – Position control
in compact housing

Overview programming
with PC or SERS Programmer
SERS Programmer 2
Examples programming SERS drives
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    SERS new functions

closed loop control (SERVO mode)
real SERVO mode (no stall possible, due to closed loop control),
together with STÖGRA motors with integrated C500 encoder

extended programming syntax
IF commands with IF...THEN...ELSE..END enables easier programing of complex program structures
IF expression: expression now is more flexible -> e.g. IF X >= 30.5 ... or IF R1 > R2 ... now is possible

extended registers and labels
now with 12 free programmable registers (R0 ... R11) and 128 labels (L1 ... L128)

new SERS Programmer completely programmable
entire operational program for controlling mutliple SERS units can be stored in SERS Programmer
customer specific display menus programmable
including 100 free programmable registers (R0 ... R99), 10 markers (M1 ... M10)

new CANopen PDO mapping
PDO1, PDO2, PDO3 and TDO1 with each 4 free selectable SERS parameters
        position control SERS/WSERS and SERS Programmer 2 – single data sheet (641 KByte)
        stepping motor controls catalogue 2015 – catalogue (1838 KByte)
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