Position Controls
New functions
Special features
with Profibus-DP interface
with PROFIdrive interface
with CANopen interface
with encoder
with Closed Loop control

Eurocard format
for 19 inch mountage

Panel mount / 19 inch rack system
with integrated power supply

WSERS – Position control
in compact housing

Overview programming
with PC or SERS Programmer
SERS Programmer 2
Examples programming SERS drives
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    Panel mount / 19 inch rack system – with integrated power supply
Panel mount series ELK and 19-inch rack series ELR.
ELK-/ELR-racks are available with or without power supply.
      Panel mount series ELK: 3 different sizes are available as standard version:
3HE-½ 19 inch 3HE-¾ 19 inch 3HE 19 inch
Example configuration:
with power supply
1 x SERS with 6A/85VDC
SERS Programmer
Example configuration:
with power supply
2 x SE with 6A/120VDC
Example configuration:
with power supply
3 x SERS with 6A/85VDC
      ELK-systems are available with following power supplies:
350 VA or 500 VA
voltage outputs: 24 VDC, 60 VDC, 85 VDC and 120 VD
      ELK-systems are also available without internal power supply, for external supply (by an external
power supply) and 4 or 5 plug ports for SERS-drives (each up to 12A / 120VDC).
      Each SERS-plug port includes one fan plug port. Fan boards can be ordered together
with the ELK or they may be ordered later and installed easily by plugging into the ELK-rack.
(wether a fan is necessary depends on the ambient temperature, the set phase current and the duty cycle)

    ELK-systems are also available for small SERS-drives version "S" (e.g SERS 02.24 V04 S or SERS 03.60 V04 S).
Here the racks including power supply can be ordered for max. 6 SERS-drives (with 350VA), or without power supply
and max. 8 SERS-drives for external power supply.

    Also available are 19-inch-racks (series ELR) with all connections at the rearside of the rack to be installed
in 19-inch-switch cabinets. ELR rack versions can be ordered with the same configurations as series ELK
        position control SERS/WSERS and SERS Programmer 2 – single data sheet (641 KByte)
        19 inch rack-system ELK/ELR – data sheet (400 KByte)
        stepping motor controls catalogue 2015 – catalogue (1838 KByte)
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