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    SERS with encoder
      The SERS is available optionally with an encoder input.
Signals from incremental encoders with reactangular shape signals are accepted:
 - 2-channel-encoders with channels A, B, /A, /B (RS422-interface)
 - 3-channel-encoders with channels A, B, /A, /B, I, /I - with zero pulse - (RS422-interface)
 - 2-channel-encoders with channels A, B, without inverted signals (must be ordered with "T122")
The resolution of the encoder (e.g. 2 x 50 or 2 x 1000 impulses per revolution or any other resolution) can be
set in the SERS by a parameter.
In standard version 5VDC (max. 100mA) voltage supply for a 5VDC-encoder is provided by the SERS.
Optionally 24VDC encoder can be connected – 24VDC supply for the encoder must be supplied externally.
      The encoder input can be used for following functions:
      For the function 'control of load angle' there are options as follows:

exceeding the max. load angle allowed (motor running is interrupted by a mechanical overload)
will create a warning signal in the SERS
exceeding the max. load angle allowed results in decelerating and motor stop and setting an error flag

lost steps after exceeding the max. load angle allowed will be counted by the SERS and:
– the actual position in the SERS can be corrected by taking into account the number of lost steps
– or the lost steps can be executed again by sending a special start command
(motor will run with lower speed until reaching the position command value)

automatical correction of lost steps by the SERS, in case of exceeding the max. load angle
      Ordering key for a SERS with encoder input:
      SERS ... V04 E50 (e.g SERS 06.85 V04 E50) for connecting a 5V encoder
SERS... V04 E50/24 (e.g SERS 06.85 V04 E50/24) for connecting encoders with external 10-30VDC supply
SERS... V04 E50 T122 (e.g SERS 06.85 V04 E50 T122) for 2-channel-encoders without inverted signals
        position control SERS/WSERS and SERS Programmer 2 – single data sheet (641 KByte)
        stepping motor controls catalogue 2015 – catalogue (1838 KByte)
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